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Thursday, February 16, 2012


I haven't posted any updates in a long while, just been real busy and lazy. Got a few mixtapes coming but I doubt I'll post them. I'm thinking about making a new blog on a new site, but idk..we'll see.

Enjoy the clock.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Top 10 Films of 2011

Ok, first of all I know this is a "music" blog, but I also love films.. in which I might be starting a film blog as well.. 'I Love Movies'.. Has a catchy ring to it don't you think?.. well anyway here's a list of MY top 10 films of 2011, in the weeks to come I'll go into a detail review about each one, but for now.. here's the list..

1.Midnight in Paris
2.Kill The Irishman
4.Another Earth
5.Everything must go
6.The Artist
7.Our Idiot Brother
8.The Hangover : Part II
9.The Guard
10.Captain America

Honorable Mentions : Limitless, Tucker & Dale vs Evil, The Inbetweeners Movie

Monday, October 31, 2011

ILM Presents... The Essential Collection (Chapt. 2)

The Second Chapter, of the best songs ever put together to have a good time, and just Vibe to. Everyday life soundtrack, enjoy. Chapt. 3 coming soon!


1.The Scientist (Performed By Willie Nelson)
2.Ain't No Rest for The Wicked (Performed By Caged Elephant)
3.No Rain (Performed By Blind Melon)
4.Hurt (Performed By Johnny Cash)
5.Sharp Dressed Man (Performed By ZZ Top)
6.Only God Knows Why (Performed By Kid Rock)
7.Last Resort (Performed By Papa Roach)
8.Rock Bottom (Performed By Eminem)
9.Tear In my Beer (Performed By Hank Williams & Hank Jr.)
10.Smile (Performed By Lily Allen)
11.Amnesia (Performed By Blu)
12.Habanera (Performed By Kate Nash)
13.Wrong Way (Performed By Sublime)
14.I'm So Lonesome I could Cry (Performed By Hank Williams)
15.Pour Some Sugar On Me (Performed By Def Leppard)
16.Walk This Way (Performed By Run DMC & Aerosmith)
17.That's How They Do It in Dixie (Performed By Hank Jr.)
18.It Takes Two (Performed By Rob Base)
19.I Smile (Performed By Kirk Frankin)
20.Where It's At? (Performed By Beck)
21.One Week (Performed By Barenaked Ladies)
22.I Got Mine (Performed By The Black Keys)
23.Fly (Performed By Sugar Ray)
24.Hey Ya! (Performed By Outkast)
25.Californication (Performed By Red Hot Chili Peppers)
26.Fucked Me Right Up (Performed By Sean Hayes)
27.Si Tu Vois Ma Mere (Performed By Sidney Bechet)
28.3am (Performed By Matchbox 20)
29.Jailhouse Rock (Performed By Elvis Presley)
30.Welcome to The Jungle (Performed By Guns n Roses)
31.Rednecks (Performed By Randy Newman)
32.Party Hard (Performed By Andrew W.K)
33.She's Crafty (Performed By The Beastie Boys)
34.I'm Yours (Performed By Jason Mraz)
35.walking On The Sun (Performed By Smash Mouth)
36.7 Drunken Nights (Performed By The Dubliners)
37.This Love (Performed By Maroon 5)
38.Cowboy (Performed By Kid Rock)
39.She's On It (Performed By The Beastie Boys)
40.Short People (Performed By Randy Newman)
41.Blood Of Cuchulainn (Performed By Jeff Dana)
42.Come Out & Play (Performed By The Offspring)
43.Rock Your Body (Performed By Justin Timberlake)
44.Make Some Noise (Performed By The Beastie Boys0
45.Break Stuff (Performed By Limp Bizkit)
46.Legs (Performed By ZZ Top)
47.Under The Bridge (Performed By Red Hot Chili Peppers)
48.Lean On me (Performed By Bill Withers)
49.Faith (Performed By Limp Bizkit)
50.Losing You (Performed By Randy Newman)
*51.Smooth Criminal (Performed By Alien Ant Farm) * Bonus Track *


Saturday, September 24, 2011

ILM Presents... The Essential Collection (Life's Soundtrack) *Download*

Some of The Greatest Tracks EVER put together. The Soundtrack for Everyday life, Real Music-The Ultimate Soundtrack.

1.Simple Man (Performed By Lynyrd Skynyrd)
2.If The South Woulda Won (Performed By Hank Jr)
3.Your Touch (Performed By The Black Keys)
4.Bartender Song (Performed By Rehab)
5.Home Sweet Home (Performed By Motley Crue)
6.Cocaine (Performed By Eric Clapton)
7.Better Together (Performed By Jack Johnson)
8.Freebird (Performed By Lynyrd Skynyrd)
9.The Conversation (Performed By Hank Jr. & Waylon Jennings)
10.Power Of Love (Performed By Huey Lewis & The News)
11.Summertime (Performed By DJ Jazzy Jeff & Will Smith)
12.The New Style (Performed By The Beastie Boys)
13.In The Air Tonight (Performed By Phil Collins)
14.Powerful Stuff (Performed By Sean Hayes)
15.Sweet Child O' Mine (Performed By Guns-N-Roses)
16.Keep Ya Hands To Your Self (Performed By Georgia Satellites)
17.Banana Pancakes (Performed By Jack Johnson)
18.Swingin' (Performed By John Anderson)
19.A Country Boy Can Survive (Performed By Hank Jr.)
20.Money For Nothing (Performed By Dire Straits)
21.Got My Mind Set On You (Performed By George Harrison)
22.Every Rose Has It's Thorn (Performed By Poison)
23.Sledge Hammer (Performed By Peter Gabriel)
24.Open Up A Window (Performed By Sean Hayes)
25.Land Of Confusion (Performed By Genesis)
26.Run Around (Performed By Blues Traveler)
27.Cherry Pie (Performed By Warrant)
28.Something So (Performed By Atmosphere)
29.Addicted To Love (Performed By Robert Palmer)
30.A Day In The Life (Performed By The Beatles)
31.Baby I Do (Performed By Sean Hayes)
32.The Man Comes Around (Performed By Johnny Cash)
33.Paradise City (Performed By Guns-N-Roses)
34.Cult Of Personality (Performed By In Living Colour)
35.Here I Go Again (Performed By White Snake)
36.Money (Performed By Pink Floyd)
37.Ms. Jackson (Performed By Outkast)
38.Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds (Performed By The Beatles)
39.Going Down (Performed By Freddie King)
40.In The Pursuit Of Happiness (Performed By Kid Cudi)
41.Home (Performed By Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros)
42.Twist & Shout (Performed By The Beatles)
43.You're Beautiful (Performed By James Blunt)
44.Stairway To Heaven (Performed By Led Zeppelin)
45.People Of The Sun (Performed By Rage Against The Machine)
46.Imagine (Performed By John Lennon)
47.All Apologies (MTV Unplugged Version) (Performed By Nirvana)
48.Simply Amazin' (Performed By Blu & Exile)
49.I'm Not The One (Performed By The Black Keys)
50.Blue Blood Blues (Performed By The Dead Weather)


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Lil B - Rare Collectables (The Very Based Of...) *Download*

1.The Birth of Rap
2.I Cook
3.Like a Martian
4.Times Blue
5.Walk The World
6.Cold War
7.Illusions of Grandeur
9.We Are The World
10.Suck my Dick Ho
11.Wonton Soup
12.Charlie Sheen
13.Violate That Bitch
14.The Death Of Rap